Help to support the refugees in Greece

Athene-vluchtelingenWill you help support the refugees in Athens?
A personal letter from Petra Hubbeling

Dear Friends,

In just a few weeks’ time –from April 7 until May 15– I will be going to Athens, Greece to see what I can do to support the refugee women, men and children and the local Greek people.

Originally, my plan was to go to Greece alone, in order to see how I could serve. But as I began sharing my plans with others, many people were excited about this journey and asked me if they could join. In order to make this possible, I decided to organize a Zen Peacemakers Not-Knowing Pilgrimage to Greece.

Not knowing, Bearing witness and Action that arises from Not Knowing and Bearing Witness are the three tenets of the Zen Peacemakers. These are the core values that we will be practicing during our six-week Not-Knowing Pilgrimage.

The tenets also are informing the questions we are asking now, as we prepare to depart. Questions like: Is it possible– without any fixed ideas about what we will see or what we should do– to go to Greece, to witness what is there and then to see what action arises in us to take?

I don’t know. That too is part of what I am going to bear witness to.

At this moment, 10 people from the United States and Europe have signed up to take this plunge into Not-Knowing with me.

In order to make this journey possible, I will be covering my own flight and accommodation expenses, and I will be bringing along money to support the refugees and locals we meet.

In order to help us support the refugees and locals as much as possible over six weeks, I would be very grateful for your financial help and contributions. Your money will enable me to buy needed items locally, aiding us to support the local struggling economy. Needed items we hope to purchase with your help are:

  • Clothes
  • Food
  • Diapers
  • Medicines
  • Prepaid phone cards
  • Tickets for onward journeys

Would you like to help make this possible?

To ensure that all the money you contribute goes directly to help the locals and refugees, I am fundraising directly through my own website. (This way I do not need to pay a percentage to a fundraising platform.)

If you want to make an important contribution, please consider donating funds through:

  • Bank account IBAN NL26 RABO 0341358010, Bic Code: RABONL2U, P. Hubbeling, De Meern, quoting: Sponsorship Greece.
  • Paypal account: quoting Sponsorship Greece.

As part of my commitment to you, I will keep you informed through my website of pilgrimage updates, and how the fundraised money is spent. Please send me an email if you want me to include your name and your donation amount on my website and / or if you want to be kept informed. If you prefer, I am also happy to list donations anonymously.

I hope you will realize how much good we can do through our financial contributions to serve the refugees and the Greek people. Your donation of any amount will be a gift to so many. Please join me in this journey, and share this letter with your friends and colleagues– giving them an opportunity to help too.

And please consider joining me in Greece. We would love to have you! If you are interested and want more information, please fill out this form and I will contact you.

10152618273649299_originalWith gratitude,


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2 Responses to Help to support the refugees in Greece

  1. Annie Schalkwijk says:

    Lieve Petra,
    Goeie aktie! je mag mij wel vermelden, ik heb je € 250,- overgemaakt.

  2. Dick Hubbeling says:

    Pe, Goeie actie! Succes. Dick

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